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dragpoland - Traditionnal Chinese herbal teas
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26,00 € each V-Complex HVECOMP-G0100GE
4 5 7 Product
26,00 € each Flu-Fighter HFLUFIG-G0100GE
5 5 1 Product
28,00 € each Grippe HGRIPPE-G0100GE
4.33333 5 3 Product
28,00 € each Toux HTOUX@@-G0100GE
4.4 5 5 Product
30,00 € each Vitality HVITALIT-G0100GE
3.5 5 6 Product


Encapsulated plant extracts

This category gathers many different types of preparations, depending on the kind of problems they adress, be it seasonal affections, blood or energy related problems, gynecologycal issues, skin affections, difficulty to assimilate food or intestinal transit, etc…

Blended according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, these formulas don't act as medicaments do by substituting with chemical drugs in the organes process but in strengthening in a natural way the body's functions in bringing balance, making it capable to adress the many different agressions and desiquilibriums generated by old age, environment and climaic conditions, inappropriate diet or pathogénic and viral threats.

These formulas made of dry plant extracts in 500mg caps are packaged in boxes of 100 caps.

The price may vary from one formula to the other depending on the rarity and proportion of the plants the formula contains.

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