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26,00 € each V-Complex HVECOMP-G0100GE
4 5 5 Product
26,00 € each Flu-Fighter HFLUFIG-G0100GE
5 5 1 Product
28,00 € each Grippe HGRIPPE-G0100GE
4.33333 5 3 Product
28,00 € each Toux HTOUX@@-G0100GE
4.4 5 5 Product
30,00 € each Vitality HVITALIT-G0100GE
4 5 3 Product
20,99 € each Dragon Balm LDRAGON-H0050ML
4.2 5 10 Product

Who we are.

Who we are

A millenary wisdom to heal today's troubles!

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The multi milenary experience of Traditionnal Chinese Medicine, tell us that health is above all a balance of our diet and physical as well as mental lifestyle, together with the respect of our environment.

Every one when born, is gifted with a health capital depending mostly of heredity,  capital which will go decreasing during one's life. Meanwhile, it is essentially through our diet that we find the essential elements which may valorize this capital improving it day by day, building our capacity to resist to unfavorable climatic conditions, and strengthening our stamina and our immune defense system to resist to the many agressions such as deseases, stress and old age. 

These essential elements are normally found in a balanced and healthy diet, from localy organicaly produced food.

But nowadays, it proves to be very difficult to find these precious elements in our supplying due to the "modern" ways of production and conservation of food supply; this is the reason why we have to take them as food supplement if we don't want to experiment a decrease in our resistance to illness and aging. 

Thus, Dragpoland elaborated for you its "GUANG MING LINE", a food supplement range of products to meet your need.

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Limited private liability company with a Capital of 5000 €

N° de TVA: PT 513 941 410

Trade Register N° 513 941 410

Vale do Aljustrel

Caixa Postal 6027 - Olhas

7900-188 - Beja


Tel: +351 961 973 501






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