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dragpoland - Vitality
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26,00 € each V-Complex HVECOMP-G0100GE
4 5 7 Product
26,00 € each Flu-Fighter HFLUFIG-G0100GE
5 5 1 Product
28,00 € each Grippe HGRIPPE-G0100GE
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20,99 € each Dragon Balm LDRAGON-H0050ML
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Vitality HVITALIT-G0100GE



VITALITY is a slightly rejuvenating and balancing tonic compound ,  designed to strengthen our stamina in front of environmental stresses and strains, while bringing gently the necessary energy for the body to resist to  the vicissitudes of life. Its composition aims at reinforcing body's immune system.

Its main constituents strengthen our vital energy both on the quantitative and quality levels. Combined with C vitamin and Royal Jelly, they promote the enzymatic and cellular reactions alchemy, potentiate the digestive system's ability to draw the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids from food. Reinforcing also our respiratory system, they enables us to draw from the oxygen and the subtle elements from air and light (through the skin which is the outer extension of our lungs).

VITALITY regulates appetite, invigorate psychism and memory, stimulates good humour and  dispels emotional excess. It strengthens our resistance to  adverse climatic conditions such as cold, warmth, dryness , wind or humidity and spark off in our body  the capacity to fight against weariness, pollution and stress all of them being causing factors of allergies and aging process.

VITALITY  is sold in 100 caps boxes. Intake is 3 caps half an hour before the three main meals with lukewarm water.

 vitalityTCM Functions

- Invigorates and vitalizes Qi

- Strengthens and protects the Wei Qi 

- Reinforce  Spleen and Lungs

- Strengthens immune system

- Preserves  Jing


- Physical and psychical asthenia

-Constitutional weakness, allergies

- Inadequate diet

- Regulate blood pression

- Protects against seasonal attacks 

- Premature aging

- Weariness, fatigue of all kinds

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

This is not a medication! This food supplement doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle nor your family doctor's advice.

Keep away from light in a dry place and a temperature not exceeding 77°F. Keep away from children.

Composition :

Royal Jely, Ginseng, Jujba, Siler, Polygonatum, Atractylodes, Astragalus, C Vitamin


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