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dragpoland - Toux
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26,00 € each V-Complex HVECOMP-G0100GE
4 5 7 Product
26,00 € each Flu-Fighter HFLUFIG-G0100GE
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28,00 € each Grippe HGRIPPE-G0100GE
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Toux HTOUX@@-G0100GE



TOUX’s role is to support normal respiratory function. Coughing can be more than just a flu symptom, it may also show a weakening of Lung Qi. Persistent dry cough which follows a flu for a long period of time is the main example of that lung’s weakness.

Ignoring the Qi working and it’s theory, Western medicine has a hard time balancing Qi to dissolve this type of  dry and damp « cough » mucus . This formula is a good solution for these kind of problems.


- Cough of any type

- Lung ’s weakness (Qi and Yin)

- Prolonged drying cough following any flu or respiratory infection or attack.

M.T.C. functions

- Resolve Phlegm

- Disperse surface congestion

- Open the Lungs

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

This is not a medication! This food supplement doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle nor your family doctor's advice.

Keep away from light in a dry place and a temperature not exceeding 77°F. Keep away from children.


Cinnamom twig, Apricot seed, Platycodon, Ginger raw, Perill leaf, Ma Huang, Tussilago, Licorice, Hoelen, Aster, Lasiospherae, Ophiopogon, Adenophora, Shizonepet, Cynanchum, Morus bark, Stemonia, Pinellia, Citrus, Siler


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