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dragpoland - Grippe
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26,00 € each V-Complex HVECOMP-G0100GE
4 5 7 Product
26,00 € each Flu-Fighter HFLUFIG-G0100GE
5 5 1 Product
28,00 € each Toux HTOUX@@-G0100GE
4.4 5 5 Product
30,00 € each Vitality HVITALIT-G0100GE
3.5 5 6 Product
20,99 € each Dragon Balm LDRAGON-H0050ML
4.2 5 10 Product

Grippe HGRIPPE-G0100GE



More powerful than FLUFIGHTER , GRIPPE is prefered when cold symptoms persist or are more severe, with aching, muscular and articular pains, headaches, nausea, fever, fatigue, etc…

By its powerful action on energy, GRIPPE improves cold conditions and relieves pains.

Clear toxins and relax muscles and sinews, relieves pain and fights lung's infection.

Take 3 caps as soon as cold's first symptoms appear, nose or throat irritation, shiverings, snoozing, light pains in the limbs, painful sensation in the skin, headaches, etc…

Take 3 to 4 caps 3 times a day (half dose for children). 


- Cold, flu 

- Pain and strain in the neck and limbs

- Muscular and joint pains- Douleurs généralisées

- Headaches, fever

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

This is not a medication! This food supplement doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle nor your family doctor's advice.

Keep away from light in a dry place and a temperature not exceeding 77°F. Keep away from children.


Lonicera flower, Lasiosphaerae, Paeonia, rubra, Shizonepeta, Morus leaf, Forsythia, Phragmites, Isatis root, Imperata, Bistorte, Aster, Gardenia, Arctium, Mentha, Soja


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