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dragpoland - V-Complex
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26,00 € each Flu-Fighter HFLUFIG-G0100GE
5 5 1 Product
28,00 € each Grippe HGRIPPE-G0100GE
4.33333 5 3 Product
28,00 € each Toux HTOUX@@-G0100GE
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30,00 € each Vitality HVITALIT-G0100GE
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20,99 € each Dragon Balm LDRAGON-H0050ML
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V-Complex HVECOMP-G0100GE



V-COMPLEX’s role is to help the body preventing blood system and cardiovascular system from degeneration as well as stimulate cerebral functions. This wise blending of herbs dilate coronaries and blood vessels, vitalize and detoxifies blood; making it more fluid it dissolves blood clots and enables it to circulate freely,in the the whole body. Indeed due to food abuse of all kinds, to immoderate intake of alcohol, tobaco and stress, which are a rule in modern societies, all these associated with a sedentary style of life and poor physical exercice,  many vessels and arteries's as well or their loosness, inducing varicosis, hemorrhoids, bleeding and thickness of the blood.

V-COMPLEX is an ideal supplement to prevent all these including limbs pain. 

Finally V-COMPLEX is a supplement which not only protects from cholestérol and high blood pressure, but has a rejuvenating effect on the blood and vein system, bringing us a better quality of life. 

v complexTCM Functions:

- Moves Blood, relieves pain

- Dissolves Blood Stasis

- Clears Heat and resolves Toxins


- Helps Cardio-vascular disorders

- Heart troubles desorder, poor memory

- High blood pressure, cholesterol, varicosis

- Poor blood circulation, tingling sensations,

- Numbness of extremities, hemorrhoids

- Piles, leg and limb's pain

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

This is not a medication! This food supplement doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle nor your family doctor's advice.

Keep away from light in a dry place and a temperature not exceeding 77°F. Keep away from children.


Ilex pubescentis, Chysanthemum, Pseudo Ginseng, Flavones de Soja, Gingko leaf, Ganoderma, Lumbricus, Crateagus, Corn Silk, Pueraria, Salvia


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