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dragpoland - Dragon Balm
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Dragon Balm LDRAGON-H0050ML



An indispensable and effective liniment !

Dragon Balm is a blending of traditional chinese herbs which have been used for thousand of years to release rheumatic pain, external injuries and trauma.

This wise blending of 21 herbs and essential oil, quintessence of an ancestral alchemy, promotes blood circulation, removes stagnation, decreases swelling, stops pain, promotes regeneration of broken bones tissues and relax tendons. Very effective for sport and traumatic injuries, bruises and contusions, sprains and strains of muscles and sinews, insects bites, painful legs, swelling and painful joints, backache, headache and other neuralgia and chronic arthritis.

Used in rubbing, Dragon Balm® is also very effective against stiffness aching, aching all over due to cold and influenza, and procures a great feeling of well-being. Rubbing before and after sports, it will help to prepare muscles and tendons for effort and relax them smoothly.

Keep away from children - External use only

Bottles of  60  ml /± 2,2 oz

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- Arthritic and rheumatismal pains

- Pains of muscles and sinews

- Sport's trauma, bruises and contusions

- Fractures,sprains and dislocations…

- Lumbago, miscellaneous dolors

- Heavy and tired legs

- Aching, cramps, pain and stiffness.

This is not a medication! This liniment doesn't replace a healthy lifestyle nor your family doctor's advice.


Sesame oil, Drynaria, Cinnamom, Cymbopogon, Myrrh, Wintergreen, Capsicum, Camphora, Carthamus, Caryophylii, Eucalyptus, Jasmi

n Flos, Mentha Arvensis, Notoginseng, Oliban, Pyritum, Aspic, Cajeput, Symphytum off. Sanguis Draconis, Angelica pubesc., Angelica Sinensis.

Brand URL : https://www.dragpoland.com/categorie-produits/baumes-&-liniments/dragon-balm

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